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SOL 3rd Grade Released Test Practice Online

Download 3rd grade Math Study Guide in Adobe Acrobat!
Excellent Jefferson Lab SOL Tests!
Download 3rd grade Math PowerPoint!
Download Math SOL Picture Flash Cards in Adobe Acrobat

General Math Activities & Links

SOL Math Analysis for Grade 3!
The Best SOL 3rd Math Tests
Good Math SOL Practice and Games
Math Practice and Resources
Math Baseball
Math Games for Kids
Math Learning Activities tied to SOLS!

Place Value

Download Rounding to 10's and 100's place SOL 3.2 Powerpoint Quiz
Print Place Value Chart!
Practice Place Value Online!
Practice Comparing Numbers!
Place Value Game!

Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers (Estimation)

Rounding Practice!
Word Problems!
A Math Game on Computation!
Number Sense Quiz
Roman Numerals
Estimation to the Hundreds place
Football Math
Math Baseball
Math Game on Add, Subt, mult & Division

Data, Statistics, & Graphs

Graph Practice
Probability and Statistics Quiz
Feed the Bug Ordered Pairs Game
Basketball Bar Graphs Game

Create Graphs online

Stem-and-leaf Plotter

Mean, Median, Mode and Range Practice
Statistics (Mode, Median, Range)
Probability in Stories


Multiplication SOL 3.9 Powerpoint Quiz
Multiplication Timed Practice in 1 minute
Math Games on Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction etc.
Football Math
Math Baseball
Math Game on Add, Subt, mult & Division

12 Multiplication Online Games
Flash card math online with subtraction, addition, multiplication and division
Multiplication Tests Online
Multiplication Fact Game
Multiplication Table Game
Multiplication by 10 Game!
Spacey Math Game!

Area, Perimeter & Volume

Area Test
Perimeter Test
Volume Practice 1
Volume Practice 2


Download SOL 3.18 Powerpoint Quiz
Excellent Geometry Quiz
Geometric Vocabulary Game
Match Geometric Shapes
Geometry PowerPoint Quiz!
Geometry Practice!


Decimal Practice Online!


Download SOL 3.5 & 3.6 Fraction Powerpoint Quiz
Fun Fraction Practice!
All Kinds of Fraction Practice
Soccer Fractions
Fresh Baked Fractions
Fraction Fun
Fraction Game
Fraction Practice
Fraction Games
Many Fraction Games
Equivalent Fractions
Fun Basic Fraction Practice!


Download Liquid Measurement SOL 3.14 Powerpoint quiz
Measurement Test
The Best Measurement WebSite
Measurement Quiz
Measurement Quiz
Measurement Game
Metric Games
Learn Metric through Games
Measurement Games
Learn Metric
Learn Metric through fun activities
Telling time
Measurement Practice!

Ratios, Percents, & Probability

Download SOL 3.21 & SOL 3.22 Plottingn & Probability Powerpoint Quiz
Percent /Ratios/Decimals
Equivalent Decimals
Equivalent Ratios
Equivalent Fractions, decimals, ratios
Decimals and Whole Numbers Game
Fractions to Decimals
Percents to Fractions
Rounding Decimals to the Hundredths
Decimals Quiz


Patterns Quiz
Math Patterns
Patterns and functions
Patterns Quiz


Telling Time Practice
Clock Practice!
Change Maker
Practice Money change
Money Fun!

Timed Test Practice for Math Wizards!

Addition 1 Test
Addition 2 Test
Subtraction 1 Test
Subtraction 2 Test
Multiplication 1 Test
Multiplication 2 Test

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