CPSE Pretest Trial
PSYCHPREP Dr. Sharon Jablon, Director
PASS the CPSE with PSYCHPREP (in 60 - 80 hours)! Questions have been updated in 2010!

PSYCHPREP's CPSE Pretest consists of 50 items covering the four CPSE domains (Crisis Assessment and Intervention, Clinical Assessment and Evaluation, Treatment Interventions, Legal and Ethical Standards). The CPSE Pretest is designed to assess your baseline level of performance, and to give you a strong idea of both the level/depth of content knowledge necessary as well as the test-taking skills needed to adequately prepare for the CPSE. A score of 35/50 is a strong starting score. We encourage you to use this Pretest both as an assessment and study tool.

You have been given access to the CPSE Pretest in Study Mode. In Study Mode, the CPSE Pretest is broken into two parts (30 test questions in Part 1 and 20 questions in Part 2).

**Part 1 covers Clinical Issues and includes the domains of Crisis Assessment and Intervention, Clinical Assessment and Evaluation, and Treatment Interventions.
**Part 2 covers Legal and Ethical Standards.

The test software will prompt you to review the rationale for each question immediately after completing the question; you should take the time to thoroughly study the rationale. On average it should take about 1 hour to complete and study EACH part in Study Mode.

An overview of PSYCHPREP's CPSE program is described at the link below: 'General Information for CPSE Program Participants.' The recommended study schedule and timing for taking the CPSE tests as well as guidelines for expected progress can be accessed at the link below: 'CPSE Study Schedule and Expected Progress.'

If after taking PSYCHPREP's CPSE Pretest you wish to enroll is PSYCHPREP's CPSE Homestudy Program, CPSE Weekend Workshop, or CPSE Combo Package, please call us at (800) 779-2480 or order online at www.psychprep.com.

Good luck!
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