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Special Announcements!

ESU 4 Workshops:

ESU 4 Cadres - learn the latest information in your content area
Framework for Understanding Poverty - May 28-29 (Fee paid for by PSC up to FIVE teacher candidates
Roller Derby and Other Engaging Number Sense Activities for Primary Grades K-4, June 2
Inch Boy, Yao Ming, Green Jawbreakers, and Other Fun Probability and Statistics Activities (5-10), June 3
Going Green: NPPD Green Schools Workshop, June 3-4
Science Cadre Meeting June 9
Anita Archer Reading Comprehension in the El. Ed. Classroom June 16
Anita Archer Scaffolding Written Instruction for Student Success June 17
Beginning IPAD User Workshop - June 23
Advanced IPAD User Workshop - June 24

Assignment: Chapter 15 and SC; Chapter 14 Lab

Tuesday, April 15

L to J Quiz 7
Tagging Slides using Clickers
Chapter 15 Lab Work
Assignment: Grading What Matters Article and Chapter 16 and SC

Thursday, April 17

L to J Quiz 8
Review Course Objectives and Goals Cards
How to Grade for Learning Review
Chapter 16 Lab
Assignment: Chapter 13, SC, and re-take Self-Test

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