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ESU 4 Workshops:

ESU 4 Analytical Scoring Session - October 14, PSC Math Cadre - November 4 Understanding Poverty Supper, Presentation - November 18 Science Cadre - November 19 Language Arts Standards Alignment - December 3 Business Cadre - January 27 Physical Education Cadre - February 2 Social Sciences Cadre - February 4 Art Cadre - February 18 Assignment: Rough Draft of CAT Project is due for all students; Chapters 8-9 and SC's

Tuesday, October 21

Review of Kindergarten Test
Peer Review of CAT Project
Discussion on Performance-Based Assessment Tools
Assignment: Chapter 8 Lab

Thursday, October 23

L to J Quiz 7
Complete Chapter 8 lab
Analytical and Holistic Scoring
Assignment: Scoring of Papers and CAT Project

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