Sierra College English as a Second Language

Instructions for completing your homework assignments in Cause & Effect

1. Read the textbook reading.

2. Do ALL of the exercises that follow except the guided writing.

3. Write your answers in your book. For the comprehension questions, write your answers on a separate piece of paper and include the line number where you found your answer.

4. Practice the vocabulary using the Quia website. The java games will help to prepare you for your quiz.

5. Do the practice vocabulary quiz for each lesson (here and in lab).

6. Check your answers on the Quia website.

--Which words did you get wrong? These are the words that you should focus on studying again.

--How long did it take you to complete the practice vocabulary quiz? If it is taking you longer than 20 minutes, then you need to try to go faster. In class, I will give you about 15-20 minutes to finish the quiz.

--Each quiz is worth 100 points. Each item is worth 5 points. What grade did you receive?

Other tips for getting the most out of your homework and this class:

* As your instructor reviews the answers in class, check your homework answers. Mark which answers are wrong, and write in the correct answer. If you don’t understand WHY your answer is wrong, ask your instructor to explain the answer.

* In preparation for your unit exams, start timing yourself as you do your homework lessons. One lesson in Cause & Effect should take you 1 to 1½ hours. On exam days, I will try to give you 1 hour. Try to work through your homework quickly—like a practice exam at home. Can you finish your homework in 1 - 1 ½ hours? If not, what could you do to finish more quickly? Please see your instructor if you want to discuss time difficulties.

Syllabus Fall 2014

Schedule #2 Fall 2014
My Quia activities and quizzes
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