Español de grado ocho
Thomas Blake Middle School 8th Grade Spanish Teacher

¡Bienvenidos a español de grado 8!

Welcome to eighth grade Spanish! It's going to be a great year of learning about food, celebrations, and loads of other things. To begin with, we need to review some of what you may have forgotten from last year. PLEASE make sure to ask questions while you solidify your skillls, because we'll move on to new material soon and you'll need a solid foundation to succeed.

Los paquetes
Please make sure that all of the activities described in your packet are turned in by this Friday, September 26th. Pay close attention to how to submit your electronic work (see the instructions in the packet about setting up a shared folder in your Google drive.)

El segundo examencito
Time to remember how to conjugate verbs! Make sure that you know how to conjugate regular -AR, -ER and -IR verbs, as well as commonly used irregulars (ser, estar, tener, hacer, salir, poner, etc.).

La tarea
You'll have homework just about every night. Make sure you write down the assignment posted on the board daily, and ask a friend if you missed it. You can also look on your cluster's web site for daily postings.

For accent codes: accents

My Quia activities and quizzes
Adjectives to describe a person - singular and plural agreement.
Adjetivos Posesivos--Sexto Grado
My, your, his, etc.
Bienvenidos Capítulo 6 Adjetivos Posesivos
My, your, his, etc.
Practice the verb "to go"
Module 1 Lesson 1.04 Introducciones 1.05 Pronombres 1.06 Ser
Yo, ella, nosotros, etc.
Possessive Adjectives
Preguntas (cloze)
Pronombres (Pronouns)
Yo, ella, nosotros, etc.
Regular AR, ER, IR Verbs -
Spanish Vocabulary Review
Subject Pronouns II
Time (3)(O4)
Unidad 8-los pronombres
Yo, ella, nosotros, etc.
Useful links
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