Español de grado ocho
Thomas Blake Middle School 8th Grade Spanish Teacher

El cuerpo y las emociones

We are talking about physical and emotional states and well being this unit. Know how to say something hurts and why, and how to tell somebody what to do about it.

El proyecto
Research a city and invent what happened when you "visited". Due Wednesday, June 18th.

Vocabulario 11

La tarea
You'll have homework just about every night. Make sure you write down the assignment posted on the board daily, and ask a friend if you missed it. You can also look on your cluster's web site for daily postings.

For accent codes: accents

My Quia activities and quizzes
10.1 Vocabulary Ven Conmigo: Celebraciones
Capítulo 10
Capítulo 10
Capítulo 6: Direct Object Pronouns LO, LA, LOS, and LAS
Celebraciones, Pretérito, Presente Progresivo, Mandatos
Direct and Indirect Object Review
Direct Object Pronouns
Direct Object Pronouns - Rags to Riches
El Pasado
El presente del progresivo (-ing sentences)
El pretérito
El pretérito regular - español.
En Camino 10-1
En Camino 10-2
En Camino 10-3
Hangman with present progressive verbs
Past tense (preterite) conjugations AR verbs
Present Progressive
Present progressive practice
Preterite Endings -AR Verbs
Preterite Review Challenge Board
Cuerpo y Salud
Doler practice
Dormir Conjugation
En Camino 11-1 and 11-2
En camino 11-2 Vocabulary
Los partes del cuerpo
Parts of the Body - Las Partes del Cuerpo
VC 11.3 Fill-in Preterite of IR Paragraph -
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