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¡Hablamos por teléfono!

We're moving on to new material now! We're going to practice phone conversation, and learn how to make plans and how to talk about preparations for going out. By the end of the unit, you should be able to call someone in Spanish, invite him/her to do something, accept or politely turn down an invitation, and talk about the future.

El primer examencito
The first quiz will be on boot verbs and will be on Thursday, October 24th. Know all of the 5 boot verbs we have been studying (querer, preferir, empezar, venir and tener)--how to conjugate them and what they mean. boot verb study guide

El segundo examencito
The quiz on 7-1 will be on Monday, October 27th. Make sure you know how to use boot verbs, your 7-1 vocabulary, making future plans and holding phone conversations. 7-1 vocabulary. Here's a Quizlet set of flashcards if you want to use them to practice: flashcards

La tarea
You'll have homework just about every night. Make sure you write down the assignment posted on the board daily, and ask a friend if you missed it. You can also look on your cluster's web site for daily postings.

My Quia activities and quizzes
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Reflexive verb practice
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Primer Paso--Present tense boot verbs
Unit 3, Lesson 2
Primer Paso vocabulary
VC 7.1 forms of "querer"
Primer Paso
VC 7.1 Vocabulario
Primer Paso vocabulary
VC 7.2 Vocabulario
Segundo Paso vocabulary
VC 7.3 Vocabulario
Tercer Paso vocabulary
VC7.1 El Verbo Tener
Primer Paso--tener
VC7.1 The Verb Venir
Primer Paso--venir
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