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      "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot
               Nothing is going to get better.  It's not"

                                       --Dr. Seuss

WELCOME! This page is designed to assist you in finding relevant websites about great humanitarians who have impacted our world with social or environmental changes.  The following is a list of some of the great humanitarians who cared and took action towards change.

   **Ida Tarbell:  a journalist and advocate for
                   worker's rights

   **Dorothea Dix: American prison reform/treatment
                   of mentally ill

   **Desmond Tutu: Nobel prize winning peace activist

   **Nelson Mandela: Nobel prize winning African
                   peace activist

   **Gandhi: peace activist/social reformer

   **Mother Theresa: Champion of the poor

   **Albert Schweitzer: Nobel Prize winning

   **Margaret Mead:anthropologist/educator/

   **Eleanor Roosevelt:campaigner for the United
                   Nations and global peace
   **Robert Redford: National Resource
                   Defense Council

   **Jacques Cousteau: protection of the oceans

   **John Muir: founder of the Sierra Club

   **Upton Sinclair: exposing injustice in the
                   Industrial Age

   **Jacob Riis: improving conditions for the
                   American immigrant

   **Aldo Leopold: founder of the Wilderness Society

   **George Washington Carver: educator, agricultural researcher

   **John Denver:  musician, songwriter, founder of the Windstar Foundation
                     and a wildlife refuge

   **Charles Darwin: naturalist, explorer, evolutionist

   **Jane Goodall:anthropologist; writer
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