1st Period
Ft Chiswell Middle School World Geography
October 13th – 17th 2014

Students will be taking their mid-semester Benchmarks this week for other classes. The WORLD GEOGRAPHY BENCHMARK was on Thursday October 9th. This Benchmark enables me to determine those areas in which students need additional assistance and review. Any student that has not taken the Benchmark needs to take it as soon as possible

The First 9 Weeks Grading Period ends on Wednesday October 15th. All students should ensure that they have made up any missed quizzes or retaken those quizzes that they did not receive a passing grade on.

Thursday October 16th will be a half day with students being released from school at 12:30. Students will have intramurals for this half day.

Any student that needs to retake or make-up a missed quiz will be allowed the opportunity to better their grade by doing so during Thursday’s half day.

This week’s homework is the EUROPE COUNTY INFORMATION ORGANIZER that was passed out Tuesday October 14th. Each student chose a country to study and complete the organizer with the information from that country. Students should use the link on my Webpage to the CIA World Fact Book to find information to complete the front of the organizer. The organizer is due at the start of class on Friday October 17th. Students should be prepared to provide a short presentation on their country in class.

This week we will continue our study of Europe. Students should reread Unit 4 to prepare for class. Students will be allowed time in class to work on their organizer. Any work or worksheet that is started and not completed in class becomes homework that is due the following day.

There will not be a regular quiz this week. The presentation that students provide on their country will serve as this week’s quiz. Students should also review questions that they missed on previous quizzes, as the most missed questions are reviewed and used on the next week’s quiz. Weekly quizzes cover the information that has been taught and reviewed during the week.

۞Remember to check the calendar to see what's happening at school. ۞

++ My website will provide you with numerous resources to aid in your success this year. It will have weekly homework assignments, due dates for assignments, links to websites that can help you learn more about what we have covered, and games that will assist you in reviewing for test. ++

========= Students can access the full content of their textbook at the textbook link at the bottom of this page. You do need a password to access this, please contact me by e-mail or in class for the password =========

Please e-mail me with any questions or suggestions on how to improve this website.

Do you want to receive text reminders on your phones of when homework is due and about upcoming quizzes and test? You can receive text reminders by texting @81d7e to (620) 860-0435. Or you can send an email to [email protected]


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