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Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Slavery & Reconstruction Links

Online Games and Tests on Civil War
Download Civil War PowerPoint
Civil War Project Requirements!
The best SOL 4/5 Grade Civil War website!!
Download Reasons for the Civil War Study Guide!
Download Civil War Battles & Leaders Study Guide!
Download Reconstruction & Amendments Study Guide!

General Links on The War Between the States (Civil War)

Excellent Civil War Info & Tests
Civil War Links
Causes of the Civil War
Civil War Timeline
Civil War Timeline 2
Civil War Adventure and Info

Civil War Sites for Kids
Civil War Links for Kids 2
Civil War Links

Listen to the Gettysburg Address
Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley
The American Civil War
Civil War Activities using the Internet
Outline of the Civil War
Civil War Curriculum
Civil War Webquest

Civil War Timeline & Major Battles
Civil War Camp life pictures and Info
Civil War Photos
Multimedia (Pictures & Music)
Kid's Civil War Links
Everything you want to know about the Civil War Links
Civil War Links on Women, Slavery, Diaries, Prisons etc.
Uniform, Weapons, and Music
Excellent Civil War Tests & Multimedia!
If the Dead Could Talk Webquest
Civil War WebQuest for Kids


360 View of Fort Sumter!
Major battles of the War
Battles by State
Fort Sumter
1st Bull Run
2nd Bull Run
Battle of the Ironclads
Civil War Virtual Battles
Civil War Battles
Civil War Battle Descriptions
Civil War Battle Descriptions 2


Civil War Biographies
Belle Boyd
Belle Boyd Poem
Stonewall Jackson Information
Women in the Civil War
Civil War Lives Webquest
Women Spies Webquest

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln WEbquest
Pictures of Abraham Lincoln's childhood
Abraham Lincoln web search
Timeline and info on Abe Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Information
Info & Picture of Abraham Lincoln


Underground Railroad Game (Your Username is History5 and your password is Hostetter
Slave Trade & Slave Info
Underground Railroad Adventure with Pictures & Sounds
Underground Railroad Webquest
Underground Railroad Webquest 2


Outline of Reconstruction
Republicans & Reconstruction
Useful links
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