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General SOL Social Studies Tests

Texas SOL US History Test Online!
Class SOL US History Jeopardy Games!
US SOL Tests Practice
Matching US History up to 1776
1776-1860 Matching US History!
SOL Jeopardy Game Online!
New York US History SOL Document Tests!
New York US History SOL Tests!
US HIstory to 1877 50 Question SOL Test!

Geography Tests

USI2. Geography SOL Game!
8 Regions of USA Millionaire Game (Map shown)
Geography USI2 Jeopardy!
Double Jeopardy Geography USI2
Landform Game!

Native American Tests

First Americans SOL Game!
First Americans Jeopardy!
First Americans Hangman!
First Americans Tribes!
First Americans Quiz!
Rivers & Native American Crossword Puzzle!
Games about The First Americans
The First Americans (Native Americans)
Native American Tribes Pop-up Test
Grade 5 Quiz
Maya, Aztecs, Anazasi, and Mound Builders Game
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans?

Explorers Tests

Explorers USI.4 Game
Exploration USI4 Jeopardy!
Early Explorer's Game
Jeopardy on the Explorers
Matching on Explorers
Matching on Explorers Explorer Quiz
Practice Maps Skills
Matching Quiz

Colonial Tests

Colonial America Game USI5
USI 5 Colonial Regions Millionaire!
Colonial America USI5 Quiz!
Who Wants to be a Millionaire on colonial history
American Colonial Government Who wants to be a Millionaire on Colonial Virginia and US Government
Colonial Pictures & SOL Questions and answers
Colonial Government Game
SOL Colonies Game!

Revolutionary War

American Revolution SOL People Game
American Revolution SOL Millionaire
SOL Main Events Game!
SOL Millionaire Events!
SOL Review Millionaire!
Revolutionary War Simulation
Who wants to be a Millionaire on Colonial Virginia and Revolutionary War?
Who wants to be a millionaire on the Revolutionary War?
Events leading to the Revolutionary War Quiz
Revolutionary War Crossword Puzzle!
Key People Crossword Puzzle!
USI6 Game!

Government & People

Nation SOL Quiz!
USI7 Flashcards!
USI7 Game!
Hamiliton vs. Jefferson Game!
First 5 Presidents!

Westward Expansion & Inventions

USI8 Flashcards!
Who wants to be a millionaire on the West?
Westward Expansion Game USI8
Westward Millionaire Game!

Civil War & Reconstruction

SOL Civil War Matching Game!
Civil War Matching!
USI9 Civil War Game!
USI9 Civil War People Game
Civil War USI9 Quiz
SOL Reconstruction Quiz
Civil War Test
Matching or Flashcards on Civil War
Who want to be a Millionaire on Civil War History
Abraham Lincoln matching
Civil War matching
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