DQC Track: Data Entry
KSDE Data Quality Certification Program Senior IT Trainer

Welcome to the homework website for Data Entry.

On this page you will use your Quia username and password to complete all of the required homework exercises for earning your certification in the Data Entry track. Many of the questions require manual grading and will not reflect an accurate percentage until we are able to grade your work.

Homework exercises will be assigned as you complete the sessions, do not work ahead on the exercises. Once all of your homework exercises have been completed, send an email to [email protected] to request access to the final exam.

Don't forget you must pass the final exam by the certification deadline for your track, in order to be certified.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Quia Practice Test
KSDE Resource Navigation Exercise for Data Entry
DQC Data Entry Resource Navigation Survey 2013-2014
Complete this survey after finishing the Resource Navigation session and first 2 homework exercises.
File Specifications Scavenger Hunt for Data Entry
Name that Building Exercise
Possible SIS Data Errors Exercise for Data Entry
Data Audit SIS Checklist Exercise
Reviewing the KIDS Reports Exercise for Data Entry
Forum Guide to Building a Culture of Quality Data Exercise
Data Calendar Exercise for Data Entry Staff
FERPA Exercise
DQC Data Entry In-Person Session 2013-2014
Complete this survey after attending the in person session and completing the preceding 8 homework exercises.
Final Certification Exam-Data Entry 2013-2014
You will need both your Quia username and password and a "secret word" from the DQC instructor to access the exam.
DQC Data Entry Program Evaluation 2013-2014
Complete this survey after passing the final certification exam.
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