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Carlos Rosario Public Charter School ESL Level 3 Teacher
Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my Level 3 webpage.

I hope you enjoy these activities.


My Quia activities and quizzes
A, An, Some, Any
auxiliaries + base form of verb
Count Noncount a few / a little
COUNT/ NONCOUNT There is/are + a/ some
count/noncount a, an, some,any - (copy)
Count/Noncount Review
future with going to
Going to
irregular past tense
mid term in class practice
Much, many, a lot of
Past tense
Past tense - (copy)
PAST TENSE_base form or past tense form - (copy)
Past tense-negative verbs
Past Tense-questions
Past Tense-Regular Verbs-Affirmative
Past Time Expressions
Position of Adverbs of Frequency
Possessive Nouns-singular and plural - (copy)
short answers
Simple Present Questions-game
Some or Any
The Future with Going To
The Future with Going To
Was or Were
Was/Were #2
Was/were (EASY)
Wh- questions in simple present
Would like -questions
Level 3 Practice Post Test -#1
Capital Letters - (copy)
Level 3 Practice Post Test
Vocabulary Pre/Post Test fall2014
Useful links
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