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Carlos Rosario Public Charter School ESL Level 3 Teacher
Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my Level 3 webpage.

I hope you enjoy these activities.


My Quia activities and quizzes
2015 Spring Vocabulary mid-semester Test
Mid-semester Grammar Test Spring 2015
COUNT/ NONCOUNT There is/are + a/ some
COUNT/NONCOUNT a/some part 2
Past tense questions: did or was
A, An, Some, Any
count/noncount a, an, some,any
Would like -questions
Would like-contractions
Count Noncount a few / a little
How much/ how many
How much/ many + noun
much / a lot of and noncount nouns
Past Tense Practice Test - (copy)
Much, many, a lot of
Past Tense - spring 2015
There is /There are + count/non count nouns
Possessive names and subjects -
Possessive Nouns- singular and plural
Possessive Nouns-singular and plural
Possessives Game (singular and plural)
Position of Adverbs of Frequency
Level 3 Review- GAME
Capital Letters
Level 3 Review- GAME - (#4)
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