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How To Use Pinnacle
Pinnacle Letter for Parents

Welcome to AP Language & Composition. Please click on the link below to read a letter from me to you.
An Open Letter to AP Students

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AP Syllabus 12-13

I Have a Dream Speech

Summer Reading Assignment 2012
Theme Statement Powerpoint

Thesis Statement Sample

Scarlet Letter Homework
Socratic Seminar Questions
Scarlet Letter Test Terms

Dear Boy Essay Homework
Crucible Newsletter Project

Rhetorical Devices Glossary

Enter the Poetic Power Poetry Contest. Deadline Dec. 6
Click on Essay and Poetry Contest link below

Essay Evaluation Form -- Dear Boy Essay
Submit this completed form based on the introduction paragraph and ONE body paragraph

Political Cartoon Assignment
See Political Cartoon link below

Tone Terms for Test

Civil Disobedience Assignment
Click the "Civil Disobedience Part One" link below for the text.

'Queen' Essay Peer Review
Midterm Study Guide

Complete the Turnitin Response Form to receive your grade for the Civil Disobedience Assignment
Turnitin Response Form
Queen Essay Rubric

Click here for the practice review packet for the Vocab 10-12 test
Vocab 10-12 grammar review packet

Term 3 Extra Credit due February 19
Literary Fair Extra Credit 2013
Literary Fair Handbook

AP District Review Letter

State of the Union Assignment
The deadline for this assignment has been extended to Tuesday February 19

Click the 'Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson' link below and complete this handout
Transcendental Handout

Works Cited Example
Citing an Electronic Source
Also see links below for websites on citations

Debate Rubric
Argument Essay Directions
Argument Peer Review Sheet
Argument Planning Sheet
AP Scores Flyer

Synthesis Handout
Synthesis Essay Powerpoint

Proposing a Solution Project
Proposing a Solution Rubric

Summer Reading List 2013
Useful links
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