3rd Period
Coudersport Area Jr Sr High World History 7 and American History 8
                               AGENDA / HOMEWORK

Week of October 20th

MONDAY students will take chapter 3 test Homework: finish vocabulary for chapter 4

TUESDAY Students will turn in their vocabulary. Students will start learning about the problems and solutions that Sumerians faced by having to solve these same problems.

WEDNESDAY Students will continue with their Sumerian Problems. Homework: review vocabulary, sections already covered in class

THURSDAY Students will finish the sections and go over them

FRIDAY  students will complete the reading challenge for chapter 4
My Quia activities and quizzes
Reading a map Pretest
TCI Chapter 1 Investigating the Past
TCI Chapter 1 Investigating the Past - (copy)
TCI Chapter 2 Early Hominids
TCI Chapter 3 From Hunters and Gatherers to Farming
TCI Chapter 4 Rise of Sumerian City-States
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