Ray Middle School Social Studies 7
This Week In Social Studies:

Westward Expansion Review Activity is below - use it!

Mon. 4/27 - Whole group day - Reading, "Diary of an Oregon Pioneer"
Homework: Complete reading questions in packet and Review Notes 1,2,3

Tues. 4/28 - Circle Day - What's new, discuss reading + questions
Homework: Review notes 1,2,3 Unit 6

Weds. 4/29 - Unit 6 - Manifest Destin and Mexican Cession
Homework: Review notes 1, 2, 3, 4 Unit 6

Thurs. 4/30 - Unit 6 - Gold Rush and Gadsden Purchase, update map and chart
Homework: Review notes 1,2,3, 4, 5 - Unit 6

Fri. 5/1 - Reading"Gold Rush Diary" + questions
Homework: None  
Jolly Rancher question of the week:
• What major event will cause a shortage of oxen for travellers to Oregon Territory. FYI, as a result of the shortage, many will turn to horses to pull the wagons.

First one with the correct responses wins a Jolly Rancher.

                  Schedule is subject to change, any changes will be made ASAP.
                           Questions can be directed to
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