Ray Middle School Social Studies 7
This Week In Social Studies:
Mon. 3/2 - Presentation/Notes - Overview of America in 1800.

Tues. 3/3 - Jefferson/Hamilton compare/contrast
Homework - Review Big Idea Board #1-#5.

Weds. 3/4 - Washington's Foreign Policy
Homework: Review Big Idea Board #1-#5 (in the back of Unit 5 packet).

Thurs. 3/5 - Quiz on Big Idea Board items #1-#5. Discus Notes #3, 4-6.
Homework: None

Fri. 3/6 - Notes #1-#3 review
Homework: Review Notes/Assignments 1-3 Review Guide.

Mon. 3/9 - Presidency of Thomas Jefferson.
Homework: Review Notes/Assignments 1-3 Review Guide.

Tues. 3/10 - Quiz on Unit 5, Notes 1-3.
Homework: None

Weds. 3/11 - Thomas Jefferson - Part 2 - Marbury vs. Madison and The Embargo Act of 1807.
Homework: Review Jeffeson Notes

Thurs. 3/12 -The War of 1812 - Reading, questions, min-poster and enrichment.

Fri. 3/13 - -The War of 1812 - Reading, questions, min-poster and enrichment.
Jolly Rancher question of the week:
Standing 5'5" tall and weighing less than 100 pounds, this US President's wife added the first one of these to the White House? Who was she and what was it that she added?
First one with the correct response wins a Jolly Rancher.

                  Schedule is subject to change, any changes will be made ASAP.
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