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Spanish Christmas Activity                          
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Please write your answers on another piece of paper to turn in.

1.  When do the Posadas begin?

2.  What is the meaning and purpose of the Posadas?

3.  When is the Day of the Holy Innocents?  It is likened to what day in the US? 

4.  The poinsettia was called cuitlaxochitl by the Aztecs.  What does this name mean?

5.  Who was the poinsettia named after and what was his profession?

6.  When is the Nativity scene completed in Mexico?

7.  What is hidden inside the ring-shaped cake eaten at Epiphany?  Why is it there?

8.  Name five things found in a Nacimiento.

9.  When do Mexican children receive gifts?

10.  What are "Pastorelas"?

11.  What are villancicos?

12.  When is El Día de San Esteban (St. Stevens’ Day)?

13.  When is "Noche Buena"?

14.  What is turrón (also spelled turró)?

15.  What do the Spanish eat at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve and why?

16.  What are farolitos?

17.  Who are "Los Peregrinos"?

18.  What are "hogueras"?  Why do people jump over them?

19.  What do children put on the doorstep on January 5? 

20.  Who traditionally delivers the gifts in Spain?

21.  Of the Three Wise Men, who is the favorite of Spanish children?

22.  What is the turkey stuffed with in Spain?

23.  What spice is used in Mexican hot chocolate (champurrado)?

24.  What is Santa Claus called in Chile?
25.  What is the special nativity scene called in Venezuela?

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