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Excellent SOLPASS History Games & Tests! (Subscription Needed)

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SOL Virginia History Study Guide with Pictures!

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Excellent History Games/Test by SOL!

Download SOL History PowerPoints!

Download SOL Jeopardy VA History PowerPoint!

Virginia History Class Notes!

Excellent 4th Grade SOL Games!

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General History Links

General SOL Social Studies Tests

Download SOL End of Year PowerPoint Virginia Studies
History & Reading Comprehension Free Interactive Tutor
Excellent VA History Practice Tests by Standard!
VA History 50 Question Game!
Download VA History SOL People PowerPoint!
Class SOL VA History Jeopardy Games!
Good Virginia SOL Websites!
Virginia SOL Jeopardy
SOL Jeopardy Game!
VA Important People Millionaire Game!
Play the Virginia SOL Stickman Game!
Who wants to be a Millionaire on Colonial Virginia and State Facts?
Who wants to be a Millionaire on Virginia State Facts, and the Civil War?
Who wants to be a Millionaire on Virginian Facts?
Who want to be a Millionaire on Virginia History 2
Who want to be a Millionaire on Virginia History 5
Matching & Concentration on Colonial & Revolutionary History
Matching & Concentration on Virginia History
Matching & Concentration on Virginia History 1
Matching & Concentration on Virginia History 2
Matching & Concentration on Virginia History 3
Matching & Concentration on Virginia Facts
Matching & Concentration on Virginia History 5
Matching & Concentration on Virginia History 6
Matching & Concentration on Virginia History 7
Virginia History to 1861 Part 1
Virginia History to 1861 Part 2
Matching Games
SOL Virginia People Matchup!
SOL Virginia People Matching!
Millionaire on Famous Virginians!
Jeopardy SOL 4th Grade History!
Virginia SOL Jeopardy Game!
Jeopardy Game on Virginia History!
SOL Virginia History Prep Jeopardy!
Virginia Symbols Hangman Game!
Virginia SOL Timeline!
Download Virginia SOL Game PowerPoint!
Download Virginia 1 SOL Game PowerPoint
Download Virginia 2 SOL Game PowerPoint
Download Virginia 3 SOL Game PowerPoint
Download Virginia 4 SOL Game PowerPoint
Virginia SOL Test!
SOL Practice Tests by SOL!
Download Virginia SOL Review Powerpoint


Download Virginia History Geography PowerPoint!
Maps of Virginia!
Webquest on 5 regions!
Excellent Explanation of 5 regions!
Excellent Website on 5 regions!<
Download PowerPoint on 5 regions of Virginia!
Download SOL Geography Powerpoint on Virginia!
Download PowerPoint on Virginia's border States!
Download PowerPoint on Oceans & Continents!
Excellent Virginia regions and symbols!
Good Region Overview with Test!
Information & Pictures on VA Regions!
Blank map of 5 regions of VA
Quick Facts of Virginia & Government officials
Pictures & info on Virginia!
Geography of Virginia with 5 regions labeled website

Virginia Geography Tests

Products & Industries of Virginia VS10b
Matching Game on Regions of Virginia!

Virginia Geography Questions
Bordering States & Regions VS 2ab
Bordering States, rivers, and regions VS 2ab
River Matching VS 2c
Virginia's Rivers Millionaire VS 2c
Virginia's Scrambled Word Geography!
Matching Game on Regions of Virginia!

VA Geography Scrambled Words!
Virginia Geography Questions
Geography 50 Question Test
Maps & Globes Practice!

Native Americans of Virginia

Excellent Info on Powhatans!
Native Americans of Virginia!
Longhouses of the Iroquois
Information on the Eastern Woodlands
Cherokee Information
Iroquois Information
Alogonquian Information
Powhatan Information & Algonquian Words
Powhatan Village Life
Lacrosse, an Iroquois game
Eastern Woodland Crafts and Directions
Powhatans & Corn
Iroquois Multimedia Web Site!
Click here to watch a 360 degree picture of a longhouse!

Native American Tests

VA Language Groups VS 2d!
VA Native American Popups VS 2d
Quiz on Virginian Native Americans VS 2d!
Native Americans & Environment VS 2e Cloze


Excellent Explorer Links!
Early Explorer's Game
Explorer Test
Jeopardy on the Explorers
Roanoke Island & Jamestown
Jamestown Quiz
Matching/flashcards/Concentration/Word Search on Explorers
Matching/flashcards/Concentration/Word Search on Explorers 2 Explorer & Jamestown Quiz
Jamestown History
Settling in America
Explorer Quiz
Matching Quiz


Interactive Jamestown Webquest
Excellent Colonial Links!
Why England Wants A Colony VS 3a Cloze
Jamestown & Charters VS 3bc Millionaire!
Jamestown Quiz VS 2-3!
Jamestown & Powhatans VS 3g Matching
Virginia Assemble VS 3d Cloze
Virginia Assemble Millionaire Game VS 3d
Women & Africans in Jamestown VS 3e
Tobacco & Slavery VS 4a Millionaire!
SOL VS 4b Immigration, Tobacco & Slavery Quiz!
Landscape Cloze SOL VS 4b
The Capital Moves Cloze SOL VS 4c
Money, Barter & Credit Popups SOL VS 4d
Money, Barter & Credit Matching SOL VS 4d
Colonial Timeline SOL VS 5
Colonial Timeline 2 SOL VS 5
Who wants to be a Millionaire on Colonial Virginia and US Government
Colonial Quiz
Colonial Pictures & SOL Questions and answers

Revolutionary War

Excellent Revolutionary War Links!
England & Virginia Disagree SOL Vs 5a Cloze
SOL VS 5a Jefferson & Declaration of Independence!
Revolutionary War SOL VS 5abc Matchup!
Virginia & Revolutionary War SOL VS 5b Millionaire!
Revolutionary War Simulation
George Washington Quiz
Who wants to be a Millionaire on Colonial Virginia and Revolutionary War?
Events leading to the Revolutionary War Quiz
Matching, Concentration and Flash Cards on Colonial & Revolutionary History


Excellent Government Links!
Virginians- Washington & Madison SOL Vs 6a
George Mason & Declaration of Rights SOL VS 6b Cloze
Jefferson & Religious Freedom SOL VS 6b Cloze
Government Millionaire VS 10a
Government Quiz
Presidents from Virginia
Virginia Biographies Part 1
Virginia Biographies Part 2
People SOL 4th Grade!

Westward Movement

Excellent Westward Movement Links!
Matching Game SOL VS 6b
Virginians Move West SOL VS 6c
Expansion and Change
Lewis & Clark

USA Civil War & Beyond

American Civil War!
Divided Virginia SOL VS 7a Millionaire!
SOL VS 7b Civil War Battles popups
Flash Cards on Virginia HistorySOL VS 8, 9!
Virginia History Matching SOL VS 8, 9
Civil War Test
Matching or Flashcards on Civil War
Who want to be a Millionaire on Civil War History
Abraham Lincoln matching/concentration/word search
A fun Quiz on Abraham Lincoln
Civil War matching/concentration/word search
Civil War Battles
Civil War Battles 2
Civil War Quiz
Harriet Tubman Quiz and Info
Take a tour guide of what it would be like to be a slave
Civil War Activities using the Internet

Reconstruction & 20th Century

Reconstruction after the Civil War
Jim Crow Laws SOL VS 8b Quiz
Virginia Grows Quiz SOL VS 8c
SOL VS 9a 20th Centry Virginia Millionaire!
Desegregationn & Massive Resistance SOL VS 9b Popups!
Walker, Byrd, Ashe, Wilder Millionaire SOL VS 9abc

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