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Kapitel Zehn: Fest- und Feiertage

Verb conjugation involving the narrative past and the present perfect. The challenge board does not give all the forms of the verbs; except for, sein and haben. For further review please see Lovik's, Guy's, and Chavez's Vorsprung. Here is one example of a strong (irregular) verb that one can find on page 430:

sehen: to see


1st - ich sah - I saw

2nd, informal - du sahst - you saw

2nd, formal - Sie sahen - you saw

3rd - er/sie/es sah - he/she/it saw


1st - wir sahen - we saw

2nd, informal - ihr saht - you saw

2nd, formal - Sie sahen - you saw

3rd - sie sahen - they saw

List of verb conjugation:

starke Verben (Strong [Irregular] Verbs)

sein und haben (to be and to have)

Modal Verbs

gemischte Verben (Mixed Verbs)


Jennifer Osuch

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