Challenge Board: Score points by answering questions correctly.

Vocab Jeopardy! Unit 7

Hi and welcome to vocab jeopardy. These are the topics and descriptions:
Synonyms- Its easy! all you have to do is chose a vocab word that means the same as the given word!
Antonyms- Same as synonyms, but find a vocab word that means the OPPOSITE of the given word
Accents- you will get a question like this:
max i mum
write the part that most likely has the accent over it, like this:
Thats all you have to do!
Part of speech- put what part of speech it is:
v = verb
n = noun
adj = adjective
p = preposition
ad = adverb
words from the past- ??? same as synonyms, but with wors from the past units. sice this is so hard, 1,000 points for every right answer!
Have fun!


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