Cloze: Complete the paragraph by filling in the missing terms.

Opie el muchacho travieso - segunda parte

First, print out the story and make dang sure you read it from start to finish two times, to yourself and then out loud. You have to know what every single word means in it.

Second, if you don't know any words, be aggressive about looking them up in

Third, you should listen to the story and read along. In your head, you should be actively creating a mental movie of what is going on in the story!

When you completely understand the story, then begin this activity.

Lee las preguntas y completa las respuestas como si fueras (as if you were) Opie con las palabras correctas según la historia. (Read the questions and complete the answers as if you were Opie with the correct words.)

Check all of your answers by clicking on the check marks. If you get it wrong, look for "feedback" at the top of the activity.

When you have earned a 100%, all correct answers, then you must print off the answers, complete with green check marks, to hand in in class.

¡No seas perezoso! Be aggressive about finding out answers to what you do not know. Do not wallow in your helpless ignorance. There is nothing quite so pitiful and pathetic as a 15 year-old boy wallowing in his own ignorance!

Do not copy or give answers to classmates. If you cheat, I will take you to the senate.

Remember, you are in the class to improve your abilities to use your brain, to get smarter, to learn another language. You can't do that by taking short cuts.

I know you are up for this task! Bring it!

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