Cloze: Complete the paragraph by filling in the missing terms.

6HC10L1.9 Aztec Way of Life: Calendar, Numbers, Writing

Aztec Way of Life: Calendar, Numbers, Writing

Like the Mayas, the Aztecs had a calendar, a number system, and a way of writing. They also built many large cities, just as the Mayas had.

The writing system of the Aztecs is very rudimentary. Its core consists of a set of calendrical signs and a vigesimal number system. Like other Mesoamerican people, the Aztecs used the 260-day sacred calendar, which in Nahuatl was called tonalpohualli. The tonalpohualli is essentially two parallel and interlocking cycles, one of 20 days (represented by "day signs"), and one of 13 days (represented by numbers called "coefficients"). The following are the 20 day signs in the Aztec sacred calendar. The Nahuatl names are in red, and their meanings in English are in blue.

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