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Welcome to Virtual Renaissance! Take a look around our fair land. You have traveled back through time and space to a period completely different from your own. You will meet many interesting characters who will be most happy to speak with you about their lives and times. Learn about the different people from this time period; what they did and who they were. See how the technology and medicine differs from today, and experience the dramatic change in life conditions.

To gain an understanding of the key elements that have driven the Renaissance you may want to speak with Giovanni Renaissanci. He is well versed in the Italian Renaissance and can share with you answers to some of the possible questions that you may have about our period in history.

You will be passing in and out of time periods and various countries so you may wish to visit the town first to find out how best to fit in. The inhabitants of Virtual Renaissance have been foretold of your coming so they will be aware of your strange clothes and manners, but it always helps to learn the customs, language and dress of the country you are traveling within. You have been "reborn"; it is time to gather as much information and data as possible. Here are some clues to help you find your way...

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