SOCI 2160
Presentation #3

For this presentation you may work alone or with one partner. Plan to present for 10 15 minutes in class on Monday, November 3 or for survey results, Wednesday, November 5. If you chose a game for the last presentation and you want to do another, choose a different game format for this presentation.


Option 1

Log onto Quia at If you want to learn more about what Quia can do, use this link.


Using the user name jenniferfauchier and the password student.  Click on the tab that says "Activities".  There are a number of possible activities you can create -- hangman, matching, columns, cloze (fill in the blanks), etc.  Create a game or a review activity related to Chapters 9 13.   When you decide on an activity, the directions on the activity will walk you through the procedure for entering the information.  Be sure that your activity has at least 15-20 items / questions / terms.   If you enter Hangman or Jumbled Word activities, be sure to include clues.  Because the account is not in your name, it will say that Jenni Fauchier has created the activity.  Please put your name in the title of your activity.  When you save your activity, it will give it a URL.  Bring the URL to class and present the game and play it with your classmates. If you choose to play jumbled words or word search, you may print one copy and bring it to Jenni for multiple copies for the class.



Option 2

Log into Quia with the above instructions. Click on Survey. Create a 10 15 question survey teen pregnancy, strategies for balancing work and family life, drug use among teens and young adults, top issues for parents, or some other topic as approved by Jenni. Print copies and give it to 10 or more friends or print one copy of the survey or bring the URL to class. Classmates will be allowed a few minutes to take your survey in the ARC or in the classroom (if printed for class, Jenni will make the copies) . At the next class period present a summary of what you learned from the results of the survey.



Option 3

Create a PowerPoint presentation of 12 or more slides detailing something about one of the topics in Chapters 9 13. You must go beyond the content of the book to create your slides. Use the Internet, magazines, newspaper articles, etc. Be sure you have a final slide giving complete reference information. For example, the Safe Haven Law has been getting a great deal of press. You could outline its components, the abuses that have been happening and your proposed solutions. Clarify your topic with Jenni so that there are no repeat presentations.



Option 4

Create a poster (Jenni has poster boards and markers) delineating some topic that might be of general interest to Metro students (choosing a child care, low cost family recreation activities, suggestions for family budgets, child abuse or neglect, etc.) Discuss your poster with the class and be prepared for it to be on display in the classroom or hallway for the next several weeks.



Option 5

If you have some other idea, present it to Jenni for approval. For example, you might want to choose some relevant issue related to the election (health insurance, tax relief, etc.) and present the positions of the major candidates (President, Senator, House of Representatives in your district). Or you might want to string together some appropriate movie clips or TV clips to show in class (no more than 10 minutes of video) and then lead a discussion about how your film clips relate to the current content.