By Mary Trichel

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Congratulations! You and your partners have just won an all-expenses paid trip to tour the vast continent of Africa. Even more exciting is that you will be able to customize your trip by selecting your destinations you choose to tour within each African region. There is one requirement, however. Upon return from the trip, you and your group members will prepare a group presentation of your trip that will provide an informational and entertaining revelation of the sights, sounds, and cultures of this amazing continent so that others will want to visit this exciting land of wealth.

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The class will be divided into tour groups of five members each. Each tour group will include one expert in each of the following African regions: Northern Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, Western Africa, and Southern Africa. Each tour group expert will be responsible for documenting information from a nation of choice in a specific African region. In order to be a top notch tour guide, you will need to become familiar with the following:

- the location of country shown on a continent map of Africa with portrayal of specific region

- the official language

- the type of currency is used and the currency exchange rate

- entry requirements (passport, visa, etc.)

- the climate (so we can pack the right clothes)

- health risks and other hazards (so we can prepare ourselves before the trip)

- a copy of the flag

- what we can see and do in the country (pictures of land, people, and animals)

- a written summary of the country

- a group presentation and visual display of the entire group's tour of Africa

Once each tour guide has accumulated the necessary information, the tour guides must complete the following:

1. Individually, write a one page report of the country.

2. As a group, create a visual display which includes pictures, flags, and maps of each country.

3. Give a group oral presentation using your visual display and highlighting features of your African "tour".

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Textbook - Use the textbook to determine which countries are included in your particular region. Select one nation to "tour".

Use the following links to locate information for the completion of your task as a "tour expert":

Map source:

Country Information - CIA World FactBook:

Currency type and Currency Exchange Rate:

Travel information:



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Each tour guide will be responsible for setting up a tour of one nation in Africa's regions. There will, therefore, be the following tour guide experts:

North Africa Tour Guide

Central Africa Tour Guide

East Africa Tour Guide

West Africa Tour Guide

South Africa Tour Guide

Each Top Notch Tour Guide Expert will complete the assigned task of researching a country in their region, providing a written summary of their tour findings. Additionally each expert will work with group members to prepare a group visual display to be used in a group oral presentation of their "tour" of Africa.




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Although you are working in a group, you will each receive an individual grade upon completion of the "tour". Your score will be compiled using the following standards:


1. All required data is completed, done neatly and with quality work evident..

2. Oral presentation is very well organized, includes pertinent information and with obvious group cooperation.

3. Cooperation with other group members was evident throughout the process.

An Excellent rating will result in a grade of A for the group member.



1. All required data is complete.

2. Oral presentation is organized but may be missing some information or be unclear in the presentation.

3. Group member completed individual work but did not add extra effort to group's final product.

A Good rating will result in a grade of B for the group member.



1. Missing one required piece of date, but all others are complete.

2. Oral presentation is disorganized and vague.

3. Problems were evident in teamwork with other members of the group.

An Average rating will result in a grade of C for the group member.


Below Average:

1. Missing two or more required pieces of data.

2. Oral presentation contains little useful information and has gaps in presentation of data.

3. Other group members needed to compensate for group member's lack of effort.

A Below Average rating will result in a grade of D for the group member.


1. Work in incomplete and what is complete is of very poor quality. Lack of effort is evident.

2. Oral presentation shows general lack of knowledge about "expert's" area.

3. Group member caused discord in the teamwork, resulting in a low quality group presentation.

An Unacceptable rating will result in a grade of F for the group member.


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Upon successful completion of this tour of Africa you will have convinced us to visit this continent. You will also know more about the geography, climate, and people of this continent. Most importantly, you will have discovered how to research a part of the world so that you will become a master planner of future fun and exciting travels.



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