Character Traits

Scroll through the the list of character traits.  If you need to read the definition, just click on the word to link to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  Just follow the directions posted on their site.

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active confused fair immaculate
adventurous conscientious faithful immature
affable considerate fanciful impartial
affected cooperative fearless impatient
affectionate courageous fidgety impolite
afraid cowardly fierce impudent
ambitious crafty finicky impulsive
amiable critical foolish inactive
angry cross formal independent
animated cruel fortunate industrious
annoyed cultured frank inimiable
anxious curious friendly innocent
argumentative dangerous frustrated insipid
arrogant daring funny insistant
astonished dauntless garrulous insolent
attentive decisive generous intelligent
babyish dependable gentle intrepid
bewildered determined giddy jealous
blase' diligent giving jovial
boorish discouraged glamorous keen
bored discreet gloomy  lackadaisical
bossy dishonest glum languid
brave dismayed grateful lazy
brilliant disparaging greedy lively
busy disrespectful gragarious logical
calm dissatisfied grouchy lonely
candid distressed grumpy loquacious
capable domineering gullible loving
careful doubtful happy loyal
caustic dutiful hardy lucky
cautious eager harried malicious
charismatic easygoing harsh mature
charming effervescent hateful mean
cheerful efficient haughty meticulous
childish eloquent helpful mischievous
clever embarrassed honest moody
clumsy encouraging hopeful mysterious
coarse energetic hopeless naive
cold-hearted enthusiastic hospitable negligent
compassionate exacting humble nervous
complacent excited humorous noisy
conceited expert ignorant obedient
concerned exuberant ill-bred obliging
confident facetious imaginative obnoxious

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Adapted from MCPS 7th grade English curriculum.

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