Common Myths about Working from Home


If you've considered working from home in the past, you may have done some research online to explore your options and see what working from home would really be like. Here we'd like to debunk a few common myths about working from home, and help you understand what working from home means for Teleflora.



MYTH: I can do household chores in between calls, because I will only be taking one or two short phone calls every hour.


REALITY: Working as a Teleflora agent from home is much like working for any other call center. Incoming calls on all our programs are back-to-back, which means you will need to remain in front of your computer for the duration of your shift (except during scheduled breaks and lunches).



MYTH: I won't need child care because I can take care of and supervise my children while I am working.


REALITY: In order to maintain a professional experience for our customers, we require a noise-free environment. To ensure your work space is free from distractions, we recommend your office be behind a closed door. If your children need supervision, you will need to have childcare arranged just if you were working outside the home.



MYTH: I'll only work for 2-3 weeks and never be called back.


REALITY: Teleflora hires seasonally three times each year, for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day; and we encourage you to return for each consecutive holiday. For our seasonal employees with good attendance and high performance, there is also the potential for your assignment to be extended to long term; and even eventually to a full time core position.



MYTH: I can work whatever hours I want.


REALITY: Your schedule will be assigned for you and updated weekly. This is a structured environment just like any other place of employment. You are required to work the hours you are scheduled each week, which are determined based on our call volume and the availability you provide on your application form.



MYTH: Working from home will be isolating and I won't have anyone to ask for help.


REALITY: All of our agents - whether working in our call center locations or from home - have access to our support resources via chat or phone. As a Teleflora agent, you are part of a team; and our goal is to see you succeed.



MYTH: I don't have to be professional since I'm working at home.


REALITY: Customers contact Teleflora to celebrate special times or commemorate the loss of loved ones. Excellent customer service is our highest priority, and expressing proper empathy allows you to connect with our customers in a meaningful way. Lack of a professional attitude reflects poorly on Teleflora as a company, and you.



MYTH: All my calls will involve customers placing new orders.


REALITY: While sales calls are an important aspect of Teleflora, we are also dedicated to providing excellent customer service for existing orders. You may be asked to resolve order changes, cancellations or complaints; and it's vital to treat these issues with the same consideration and empathy as our sales calls.



MYTH: My performance will not be monitored or measured.


REALITY: Our primary focus is our customers. This means that your calls will be recorded and your performance reviewed to ensure you are meeting our goal of superior customer service throughout your assignment.