Every Quia Web teacher has his or her very own profile page, where he or she can post information and share Quia activities with students, parents, and other teachers. Teachers' profiles can contain "About me" information, links of interest, and links to classes, activities, quizzes, and surveys. Checking out a profile page is a great way to get to know a teacher and learn more about what is going on in his or her classroom. Visitors to a profile page can access a teacher's materials--whether it is to view, use, or copy them--all in one convenient place.

Note: It is possible there will be a link to a quiz that you are unable to take. If so, that is because the teacher has restricted access to students in his or her class.

Reach out

You can send an e-mail directly to a teacher from his or her profile page by clicking the Send me an e-mail link in the Actions box.

Note: If the teacher has chosen to hide his or her e-mail address, then Quia will not display this link.

What's going on?

You can view a teacher's calendar from his or her profile page, if the teacher has chosen to include it here. To do so, click the View calendar link in the Actions box.

Create your own profile!

If you are a teacher, be sure to set up your profile page to enhance the Quia Web experience for your students, their parents, and your colleagues.