Activity Objectives

Starting at zero, try to reach the 1,000,000 prize level by answering the questions correctly. For each correct answer you will be awarded the next prize level, and you will be one step closer to reaching the 1,000,000 prize level. If you answer incorrectly the game will end and you can choose to start a new game.

Play Procedures

Answering Questions

To answer a question, click on the letter of the answer you choose.

  • If your answer is correct you will receive a message saying "Correct!". The next question will appear.
  • If your answer is incorrect you will receive a message saying "Incorrect!" and the game will end. You can click Play again to start a new game.

Asking for Hints

You can ask for a hint on any question, but remember you can only ask for three hints throughout the entire game. Once you have used your third hint you will not be given any more hints. Use your hints wisely!

To ask for a hint, click on a Hint image. The hint text will appear and the hint you used will disappear, indicating your hint has been used.


Prizes are awarded with each correct answer. The prize table to the left of the question keeps track of your score. After each correct answer the prize you have won will be highlighted to indicate your current score.

Winning Rags to Riches

To win the game a player must reach the 1,000,000 level on the prize table. Once the player has reached 1,000,000 you can either return to the Quia home page by clicking on the Home link at the top of the page, or you can click Play again to play rags to riches again!