Hangman: Guess the letters in a hidden word or phrase.

Russian Hangman: Back in the USSR

This game reviews the fifteen republics of the former Soviet Union, with the English name for each country given as a hint. Where two versions of the name exist (i.e. Moldavia/Moldova), the post-1991 Russian name is used. Letters that aren't found on the keyboard already appear in the Hangman word, giving you a headstart. You'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking on each letter, but it will be a good mouse-aerobics workout!

Please note that these Hangman words are written in RUSSIAN letters, so your computer must be set up to display Russian text in Windows-1251 encoding to play the game. Don't worry, though, as this isn't hard to do.

If you are using Netscape under some later versions of Windows, go to the 'View' menu, select 'Character Set' and click on 'Cyrillic (Windows-1251)'. With Microsoft Internet Explorer under recent versions of Windows, go to 'View', select 'Encoding' and the click on 'Cyrillic' (this may be included under the 'More' option).

For other combinations and troubleshooting help, check out the excellent 'Russification' information at SovInformBuro at http://www.siber.com/sib/russify/. Good luck, and remember to use only the lower keyboard!

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