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cacheta mark of prestige; a mark of approval
cacophonyharsh sounds; jarring discordant sounds, dissonance
cadencethe rise and fall of sound
cajoleto wheedle, coax, or persuade someone to do something
calamityan event causing extreme harm, suffering, or destruction; disaster
callousunfeeling, insensitive
callowimmature and inexperienced
calumnya harmful statement, known by the maker to be false
camaraderiecomradeship; friendship
canarda false story with the intention of misleading or doing harm
candortruthfulness, sincere honesty
canona principle, decree, law or body of laws, especially in religion
canopya covering from the weather, natural or man-made
cantinsincere statements made to give one the appearance of goodness
cantankerousdifficult, ill tempered, and irritating to deal with
canvassto conduct a survey or poll; to make a survey


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