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Vocabulary Practice Weeks 11 and 12

anonymousunnamed, without name of a person involved
browseto read casually - window shop
dupeperson easily tricked
dynamicenergetic, forceful
eradicatedestroy, get rid of
frustratecause feelings of discouragement
grimstern, cruel
inimitablenot capable of being copied or imitated
makeshifttemporary substitute for something else
marginalonly barely good, near the edge, borderline
pendingwaiting to be settled
prescribeto order as a rule or course to be followed
previewsomething seen in advance
prominentstanding out as to be easily seen
quaintodd or old-fashioned in a pleasing way
reluctantunwilling, holding back
scrimpto handle very ecomonically or stingily
snareto trap, catch
utmostgreatest or highest
vengeancepunishment in return for an injury or wrong

Mrs. Osland

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