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Novel Study: Derwood - Chapter 10

chopsthe jaws and cheeks of an animal
consoleto comfort during a time of disappointment or sorrow
dingydirty or soiled
dispatchera person employed to relay messages to police, firemen, or ambulance drivers
dulyin due course
ginghama cotton fabric that usually has a pattern of checks
gregariousbursting with goodwill and friendliness
Irish wolfhounda very large, long-haired dog
mangleto deface or ruin
paramedica person certified by law to give assistance to doctors and hospitals, often as ambulance attendants
presideto serve as the officer or chairman
prolongto make longer
receipta written acknowledgment that money or merchandise has been received
schnauzera dog having a wiry coat and a thick muzzle with brushy, mustachelike hairs on it
senioritythe status of having been present or employed longest
wheedleto persuade

Mr. Reed

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