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Vocabulary 1 - 3 Review

anguishgreat mental suffering or physical pain
annihilationthe act or result of destroying completely
eloquentmovingly expressive
ferocityfierceness; extreme savagery
haranguea long pompous speech
indifferencelack of interest, concern, or feeling
petitiona formal written request
rusea trick or action intended to mislead
succinctconcise and clearly stated
treka difficult journey
articulateexpressing oneself effectively and clearly`
bravadoa false show of bravery
effusiveshowing more feeling than necessary; gushing
garrulousexcessively talkative, especially about unimportant topics
glibspeaking or spoken with little thought or sincerity
histrionicsoverly dramatic behavior or speech for effect
laconicusing few words to express much; concise; terse
polemican argument or dispute often attacking a specific opinion
tritelacking freshness because of overuse; stale; hackneyed
verbositythe use of more words than necessary; wordiness
bellicoseinclined or eager to fight or start wars; warlike
belligerenta person or country that is engaged in war
conciseexpressing in a few words what is meant; brief and to the point; terse
evictto throw out or remove from property by legal procedure
evinceto show clearly; to make evident
fratricidethe act of killing one's brother or sister
genocidethe systematic killing of a national, political, racial or cultural group
incisivementally sharp; cutting into; keen; penetrating
invincibleincapable of being subdued, conquered, or overcome
vanquishto defeat or overcome in battle

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