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Spanish 3 Years Verbs (Chapters 1-4)

These games help students using the workbook "Spanish 3 Years" to practice their vocabulary, concentrating on the large amount of verbs found in the first four chapters.

caberto fit, to be room for
caerto fall
conocerto know, to be acquainted with
aborrecerto hate, to loathe
agradecerto thank
aparecerto appear
carecerto lack
crecerto grow
desparecerto disappear
desconocerto be ignorant of
establecerto establish
estremercerseto shudder
merecerto deserve
nacerto be born
obedecerto obey
ofrecerto offer
parecerto seem
permanecerto remain
pertenecerto belong
reconocerto recognize
darto give
hacerto make, to do
deshacerto undo
satisfacerto satisfy
ponerto put, to set
componerto compose
disponerto dispose
exponerto expose
imponerto impose
oponerto oppose
proponerto propose
saberto know
salirto go out
traducirto translate
conducirto conduct, to lead
producirto produce
reducirto reduce
traerto bring
atraerto attract
valerto be worth
verto see
decirto say, to tell
estarto be
haberto have
irto go
oirto hear
serto be
tenerto have
contenerto contain
detenerto detain
entretenerto entertain
mantenerto maintain
obtenerto obtain
sostenerto sustain
venirto come
pensarto think
quererto want, to love, to wish
mostrarto show
volverto return, to come or go back
acertarto hit the mark, to guess right
apretarto tighten, to squeeze, to be tight
atravesarto cross
cerrarto close
comenzarto begin, to commence
confesarto confess
despertar(se)to awaken, to wake up
empezarto begin
encerrarto lock in, to contain
gobernarto govern
helarto freeze
nevarto snow
quebrarto break
remendarto patch, to mend
sentar(se)to seat, to sit down
ascenderto ascend, to promote
defenderto defend
descenderto descend
encenderto light, to ignite
entenderto understand
perderto lose
acordarse (de)to remember
acostar(se)to put to bed, to go to bed
almorzarto eat lunch
contarto count, to tell
costarto cost
encontrarto find, to meet
jugarto play
recordarto remember
renovarto remodel, to renew
tronarto thunder
volarto fly
conmoverto move (emotionally)
devolverto return, to give back
dolerto pain, to ache
lloverto rain
moverto move
oler (o to hue)to smell
poderto be able
resolverto solve
solerto be in the habit of, to be accustomed to
consentirto consent
dormirto sleep
pedirto ask for, to request
advertirto notify, to warn
convertirto convert
divertirseto enjoy oneself, to have a good time
hervirto boil
mentirto lie
preferirto prefer
referirto recount, to refer
sentirto regret, to feel sorry
sentirseto feel (well, ill)
dormirseto fall asleep
morir(se)to die
despedirse (de)to take leave of, to say goodbye to
gemirto groan, to moan
impedirto prevent
medirto measure
reir(se)to laugh
renirto quarrel, to scold
repetirto repeat
servirto serve
sonreirto smile
vestirto dress
adquirirto acquire

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