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Chapter 32 Review Game

Review over present day terms

Sandra Day O'Connor1st woman appointed to the Supreme Court
Star Warsdefensive shield against enemy missles
Sandinistas/ContrasReagan sent aid to the Contras-they were fighting the Sandinistas
Geraldine Ferrarofirst female to run for Vice President
Iran-Contra Scandalarranged for sale of weapons to Iran for the exchange of American hostages
Glasnostopening Soviet society to new ideas
Jesse JacksonCivil Rights leader who has ran for President
SolidarityLabor union in Poland lead by Lech Walesa
Berlin Walldestroyed in 1989-seperated East Germany from West Germany
Boris YeltsinPresident of the Russian Republic
Manuel NoriegaMilitary dictator of Panama
Tiananment Squarearea in Beijing were students were slaughtered for speaking out against the Chinese Government
Sadam HusseinDictator of Iraq-opposed in the Persian Gulf War
Operation Desert Stormallies launced this offensive on January 16th, 1991
War in the BalkansSerbians were against Croatins and Bosnias. They were fighting over land
Grassrootsmovement of people oranizing at the local level throughout the nation
Budget Deficitthe amount of spending exceeds revenue
Yitzhak Rabin/Benjamin NetanjahuFormer leader of Israel who was assasinated/successor
Yassir Arafathead of the Palestine Liberation Organization
King HusseinKing of Jordan

BeAnn Younker

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