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Vitamin and Minerals Match

Match the following vitamins and minerals to their functions.

ThiaminHelps release energy from carbohyrates ingested
RiboflavinHelps capture and use energy released from foods
NiacinAssists in the manufacture of body fats
Vitamin B-6Assists in the conversion of tryptophan to niacin
FolatePromotes normal function of red blood cells
Vitamin B-12Needed for red blood cell development
BiotinNeeded for body's manufacture of fats, proteins and glycogen
Pantothenic acidNeeded for the release of energy from fat and carbohydrates
Vitamin CNeeded for the manufacture of collagen
Vitamin ANeeded for the formation and maintenance of mucous membrances, skin and bone
Beta-caroteneActs as an antioxidant
Vitamin EActs as an anitoxidant
Vitamin DNeeded for absorption of calcium and phosphorus
Vitamin KEssential component of mechanismx that cause blood to clot when bleeding occurs
CalciumComponent of bones and teeth
PhosphorusNeeded to maintain acid-base balance
MagnesiumNeeded for nerve activity
IronTransports oxygen as component of hemoglobin
ZincComponent of insulin
FluorideComponent of bones and teeth
IodineComponent of thyroid hormones
SeleniumActs as an antioxidant in conjuntion with vitamin E
CopperFunctions in growth, immunity, cholesterol and glucose utilization
ManganeseNeeded for formation of body fat and bone
ChromiumRequired for normal utilization of glucose
MolybdenumComponent of enzymes involved in the transfer of oxygen from one molecule to another
SodiumHelps maintain a proper amount of water in blood and body tissues
PotassiumSame as sodium
ChlorineCompound of hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach

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