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Steps to the American Revolution

The Acts and pressures put upon the Colonists that sparked the Revolution

Sugar Acttax placed upon sugar items
George Glenvilleprime minister that imposed taxes and tightened collection of taxes
Stamp ActA tax on paper goods passed by Glenville to create money for England
Boston Tea Partycolonists dressed as Indians dumped tea into the water
Burning of Gaspeelocal colonists burned a patrol boat
Declatory ActAn act that parliament created that showed authority over colonists
Quartering ActAn act that made people house and feed soldiers
Townshend Dutiestaxs placed on goods by Charles Townshend
Sons of LibertyA group of radicals that joined to dicuss matters
committees of correspondenceCommittes set up by delegates from the colonies to discuss matters
Boston Massacrewhen redcoats opened fire at the colonists and killed five
Coercive ActsActs imposed on the colonists after the Boston Tea Party
Intolerable ActsWhat the colonists called the Coercive, Quartering and Quebec acts
First Continental CongressA group formed by colonists to discuss matters

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