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Math words

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spacethe set of all possible points
line segmenta part of a line with a beginning point and an end point
raypart of a line with a beginning point but no end point
opposit rays2 rays with a common endpoint that form a line
collinearpoints on the same liine
coplanarpoints and or lines on the same plane
angleunion of 2 rays with a common endpoint
adjacent anglesandgles with a common endpoint and common side but no interior points in common (side by side)
congruentitems that have the same measure
midpointof a segment is a point that divides segments into 2 congruent parts
segment bisectora ray line or segment that goes through the midpoint
angle bisectora ray that divides angles into 2 congruent angles
perpendicular lines2 lines that intersect @ a right angle
postulatestatement that we accept as true without proof


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