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Prehistoric Erathe period of time when there were no written records of human experiences
culturesways of life market by distinct customs and traditions
archaeologistsomeone that studies cultures
fossilsremains of plants, animals, or humans beneath the earth
artifactstools,weapons,or other objects that tell how people lived in the distant past
anthropologista specialist in human development
historianspeople that use the knowledge from scientists to try to write a history of early people
nomadicthose who move periodically in search of food or that follow animals from season to season
domesticatetame, or control for human use
agriculturethe science or art of farming
Llano Culturethe very first culture know to have existed in TX
Folsom Culturea more recent group of Paleo-Indians; they had more tools and weapons
Paleo-AmericansPaleo means anchient;first settlers in America
48,000BC-38,000BCPaleo-Indian Era;migration to America from Asia begins
13,000BC;8,000BCLlano Culture
8,000BC-6,000BCFolsom Culture
5,000BCArchaic Era
1,000BCFormative Era
giant bisonAnimals driven off cliffs by Folsom people
mammothsanimals hunted by the Llano people
maizeanother word for corn
prehistorytime when no written records were kept
Archaic peoplepeople who used to heat stones to cook some kinds of food
Paleo-IndiansFirst immigrants to North America
Archaic EraEra that began because of changes in the climate
Leanderthal LadySkeleton found near Leander
astronomyStudy of the stars and planets and their movement
Europeansexplorers who kept written records of their travels
atlatlsticks that help the Folsom people to throw spears
mammothancestor of the elephant
Midland Minniethe skeleton found in Midland
bow&arrowdeveloped during the Formative Era
Aztecsa great civilization that built cities and studied math
Central and South Americathe first farmers in America
Archaic Eraarchiologist have found pottery and art from the
development of agriculturemost important innovation during the Formative Era
Gulf Coastal PlainsSouth TX Plain,Gulf Coast, Post Oak Belt,Piney Woods,Blackland Prarie
Great PlainsHigh Plains,Edwards Plateau
Central PlainsGrand Prarie,Cross Timbers,Llano Plain,Rolling Plains

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