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Voab # 1,2

English Review

per- Latin rootthrough
perenniallasting forever
permeateto penetrate or spread throughout
perserverestay on task
fero-,ferre,tuli,tulum-Latin roottobrin,bear or carry
deferto delay
dilatorytending to delay
elationexcited feeling
inferto guess, use evidence for guesss
tendo-,tendre,tetend,tensunto stretch
contendto engage in struggle,rivalry
intentthe purpose
sub-Latibn rootunder
subvertto upset, overthrow
subservientexcess willingness to be controlled
torgue-torguere,torsi,tortum: Latin rootto twist or bend
contortto twist or bend out of shape
distortto twist rhe truth and make false
retortto reply quickly
tortuoushave many twists and turns
verso-versane,versaui,versatto turn, turn around
avertto turn away
introverta shy person whose thought are inward
perversestubbornly doing things that are not required
proseordinary speech

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