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Common Garden and Wild Flowers

DaisyWhite with yellow center.
AsterDaisy-like flowers with yellow centers and white, blue, or purple petals. Bloom in the fall.
Black-eyed SusanYellow petals and dark brown or purplish center. Hairy, tough stem.
Butter-and-eggs (toadflax)Flowers the color of yellow butter and orange egg yolks.
IronweedDark purple flowers. Is not edible by livestock.
Cardinal flower (scarlet lobelia)Has narrow, dark green leaves and brilliant red blossoms which attact hummingbirds.
GoldenrodTall plants with hundreds of tiny, yellow flower heads growing in clusters along the flower stem.
Jewelweed (Touch-me-not)A tall plant with many branches. Yellow or orange flowers.
Queen Anne's LaceMany small clusters of tiny white flowers, with one dark red or purple flower in the center. Stem covered with fine hairs.
ChicoryPretty blue flowers which are bright in the morning but begin to wilt by noon. Roots used to make a coffee-like beverage.
TansyThe orange-red flowers of this plant look like daisys that have had their white ray flowers removed. Strong characteristic odor.
DandelionBright yellow flowers with no center disk. The flower head opens and closes every day.
CosmosA tall plant with daisy-like blossoms of white, orange, pink, or red.
SunflowerTall plant with flowers that turn face the sun. Yellow petals and dark brown or purplish disk flowers grow on a flat center.
ChrysanthemumGrows in a variety of shapes and can be white, yellow, pink, or red. Gives off a strong odor when they are touched.
DahliaOriginally from Mexico. The flowers are of various colors and may be shaped like daisies or like pompons.
MarigoldA hardy plant with yellow or orange flowers. The flowers have a strong odor that some people find unpleasant.
PetuniaProduces large, soft, funnel-shaped flowers in a variety of colors. Some have flowers with ruffled petals.
Phlox A plant with upright stems and fragrant, brightly colored flowers. The flowers are tube-shaped with five wide lobes each, and they grow in clusters at the tops of the stems.
SalviaEasy to grow and flowers are long lasting. Clusters of red, purple, blue, yellow, or white flowers grow at the top of each floral stem.

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