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Mollusks and Sea Invertebrates

The liquid that forms the mollusk's shell is produced by a tissue called the ?.mantle
A ? uses its foot as if it were sliding on its stomach.gastropod
The spectacularly beautiful ? is a sea slug.nudibranch
The octopus is an example of a ?.cephalopod
The cephalopod with a beautiful external shell and 94 tentacles is the ?.nautilus
The ? has five or more rays with two rows of tube feet on the underside of each ray.sea star
The ? has a thin, rigid shell covered with spines.sea urchin
The invertebrate that builds a protective limestone cup at the base of its body is the ?.coral polyp
The free-floating, umbrella-shaped stage of a jellyfish is called a ?.medusa
Protozoan with no definite shape, moves by pseudopods, some live in water, some live in people and causes diseases.ameba

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