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Star Topologyconsists of multiple workstations connected to a hub
Bus Topologyeach node is attached to a single main cable called a bus or backbone
Ring Topologyeach network node is connected to a central device called a MAU
(MAU)multistation access unit
stara type of network topology that does not fail if a node is not available
Twisted-Pair CableThe most common type of cable. Consists of a pair of copper wires that in effect form a circuit that cna trasmit data.
Coaxil CableConsists of copper wire core surrounded by an insulating layer of copper braid.
Fiber-Optic CableUses glass fibers surrounded by Kevlar or some other strengthening material.
ProtocolA set of standards that defines how imformation is exchanged between two systems across a network connection.
mbps One million bits per second.
token ring This network type offers up to 16 Mbps throughput. Uses a token passing meathod. This is when cable access is determined by a token that is passed around the network.
gateway A network computer or other devices that acts as a middleman between two otherwise-incompatible systems.

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