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The most Dangerous Game


Dankunpleasently damp
Palpableable to be felt
TangibleCpable of being touched
Sensuousappealing to the senses
Recedingto move back or away
Extreamitythe greatest or highest degree
Staccatomade up of short abrupt sounds
Laceratedto tare jaggedly
Palatiallike a palace, large stately
Didcernedto percive, detect
Disarmingreducing didtrust or hostility
Refectorydinning hall of a school; monastarry
palatesroof of mouth; sense of taste
affablefriendly; pleasent
Amenitiessomething that adds to peoples comfort
Aniliticalexamining things in detail
Condoneto overlook or excuse
Scruplesa hesitation of doing something that may be wrong
Blandlydull; mildly pleasent
Invariablynot changing
Solicitouslyshowing consern
Opiatequiets or sooths
Ennuifeeling or weariness/boredom
Divertingamusing; entertaining
Deplorablediddaproved of
Haversackcanvas bag for provisions/backpack
Precariouslyunstable/ not secure

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