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miracle worker 1 sentences

Nana has a _________ disposition.benign
Nana and Dana's dog has a _________ nature.combative
When Glenn watches MST, he is __________ to distractions.impervious
Talking back to your mom is __________.impudent
In front of adults, I become _________.inarticulate
Dad always says that Bandit is __________.indolent
Mac thinks mom is too __________ of Bandit.indulgent
When I didnt come right home, mom became _______.irate
People discribe Donnie as being a ________ person.jovial
Bandit stole Macs chewie and he is very _________.morose
Unfortunately, Mom was __________ of the cop watching her.oblivious
When I want something, I can be quite __________.obstinate
The Stars made a _______ effort to win the game.valiant
Aunt Flo has a __________ disposition.vivacious

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