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Chapter 8 words and ideas!

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cabinetA group of advisors to the president
national debtThe ammount of money a government owes to other governments or its people
bondA note issued by the government promising to pay off a loan with interest
speculatorPerson who risks money in order to make a profit
tariffA tax on imports or exports
April 30, 1789The date Washington took oath
Thomas Jeffersonsecretary of state
Alexander Hamiltonsecretary of the treasury
Henry Knoxsecretary of war
Edmond Randolphattorney general
John JaySupreme Court Chief Justice
Judicary Act of 1789a federal court system with 13 district courts and 3 circit courts
10th amendment passed that garanteed personal liberatiesBill of Rights
An approar over having to pay a special tax over whiskey made from surplus cornThe Whiskey Rebellion
Battle fo the Fallen Timberswhen anthony wayne's army defeated over 1,000 Native Americans. This crushed the Native Americans hopes of keeping thier land
Treaty signed by Native Amricans agreeing to surrender Ohiothe Teaty of Greenville
Pinckney's TreatyIt gave americans free navigations of the MIssissippi River adn the right to trade in New Orleans
favoring one side of an issue; biasedPartisan
republicanswanted to limit government power adn supported the french
federaliststrong federal government and supported the British
powers that were not exspressly forbiden in the ConstitutionImmplied Powers
caucusesmembers of congress and other leaders chose their parties candidates for office
aliensimmigrants living in the country who were not yet citizens
Seditionactivities aimed at weakining the established government
nullifylegally overturned
precedenta tradition
unconstitutionalnot agreeing or consistent with the Constitution
nuetralitya position of not taking sides in a conflict
impressmentforcing people into service, as in the navy
states' rightsright and powers independent of the federal government that are reserved for the states by the Constitution; the belief that states' rights supersede federal rights and law
Alexander Hamiltona federalist who was for manufacturing
Thomas JeffersonA Democratic-Republican who was fpr agriculture
Who said this, "The people are turbulent and changing... They seldom judge or determine right."Alexander Hamilton
Who said, "I have great sincere esteem and regard for you both, and ardently wish that some line could be marked out by which both [of] you could walk"George Washington
Who and when was this said, "observe good faith and justice toward all nations... Tis our policy to steer clear of permanent alliances"George Washington at his farewell speech

American Studies I/ 7th Grade
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