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AnimationAdding sound or special effects to the way text and objects move on and off a slide during a slide show.
Clip ArtPictures and drawings that can be inserted into a document.
Design templatePrepared designs that can be applied to presentation slides that include patterns formatting and color schemes.
HyperlinkA shortcut that allows you to jump to another location in another workbook, a file on your hard drive or network, or an internet address.
NotesElectronic notepaper that you can use to job down questions, ideas, reminders, and other bits of information.
Organizational chartIllustrates a company's hierarchy.
Outline viewA view in some word processors and presentation/graphic programs that displays text in an outline format.
Page viewView in some word processors and presentation/graphic programs that allows users to edit Web pages.
PlaceholdersIn placeholders, blank boxes that define the placement of text and other objects on a slide.
PresentationAn application that allows the user to create and save slides to use as slide shows.
Slide masterThe template that provides teh basic organization, ofrmatting, and color schemes for the slides in a particular presentations.
Slide show viewRuns your slides as they would appear during a presentation.
Slide viewWays in which a slide may be displayed.
Slide sorter viewA presentation/graphic program option that displays all slides simultaneously in miniature form.
TimingThe amount of time a slide remains in view before a slide show advances to the next slide.
TransitionA feature that can be applied in presentations to control the way slides move on and off the screen.

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