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Natural Selection cs game

Stays constantWhat happens to the number of most populations over time (2nd observation)
CompetitionHappens when too many offspring have a limited supply of resources
PopulationA group of organisms of the same species
VariationCaused by both environmental and genetic differences
GeneticThe cause of variation which can be inherited
MutationThe cause of new genetic variation
Natural selectionA process which must happen if Darwin's observations are correct
EvolutionChange in organisms over a period of time
EnvironmentalCause of variation which is not inherited
FossilEvidence of an organism's preserved in rock (usually) after it has completely decomposed
MineralsOften replace the hard parts of animals during fossilisation
Peppered mothInsect often used as an example of natural selection
CamouflagedDark moths on soot covered bark
ExtinctionHappens to species which don't adapt to changes in their environment
SpeciesA group of organisms which can mate to produce fertile offspring
Charles Darwin19th Century scientist who worked out that natural selection could explain evolution
SedimentaryType of rock which contains fossils
AdaptationA trait which helps an organism to survive

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