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Lesson 5 Dialogue 1

Vocab Words

ya (used to soften a question)
jin4 (to enter)
kuai4 (fast, quickly)
lai2 (to come)
介绍jie4shao4 (to introduce)
一下yi2xia4 (a little while/Verbs)
高兴gao1xing4 (happy)
漂亮piao4liang (pretty, beautiful)
zuo4 (sit)
zai4 (preposition, at, in, on)
哪儿nar3 (where)
工作gong1zuo4 (work)
学校xue2xiao4 (school)
he1 (drink)
点儿dian3r (little bit/nouns)
cha2 (tea)
咖啡ka1fei1 (coffee)
yao4 (want)
bei1 (cup)
可乐ke3le4 (cola)
可以ke3yi3 (can, may)
对不起dui4buqi3 (sorry)
gei3 (to give)
shui3 (water)

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