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Idioms Again!

Gracias"Thank you" in Spanish
in the doghousein trouble for a short time
in hot waterin deep trouble
John Doe/Jane Doea name that people use to represent the average person
John Hancocka signature; reference to teh Declaration of Independence
keep your fingers crossedto hope for the best and that nothing bad happens
Kick the bucketto die
know the ropesto be familiar with whatever is being done
the last strawthe last bad thing that happens that we can handle
let the cat out of the bagto accidentally tell a secret
Old Glorya nickname for the US flag
on pins and needlesvery anxious or nervous
pop the questionto propose marriage
pulling someone's legto tease or fool someone
raining cats and dogsraining very hard
see eye to eyeto be in agreement
take the rapto be punished for somebody else's mistake
through thick and thinto stay with someone through good times and bad
turn over a new leafto start totally over
VIPvery important person

Christi Harper

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