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Unit 1,2,3 Vocab.

allotto assign or distribute into shares or portions
amassto bring together,collect,gather,espeacially for oneself;to come together,assemble
audaciousbold,adventurous,recklessly daring
complyto yeild a request or command
devoidnot having or using,lacking
elitethe choice part of a group of people or things
grapplean iron hook used to grab and hold
incapacitatetp deprive of strength or abillity,to make legally ineligable
instigateto urge on;stir up
longevitylong life, long duration
myriadin very great numbers
perspectivea point of view or general standpoint from which defferent things are viewed,physically or mentally
perturbto trouble, make uneasy; to disturb greatly; to throw into confusion
prodigousimmense,extrodinary in bulk, size, or degree
relevantconnected with or related to the matter at hand
skittishextremly nervous and easily frightend; shy or timid
tethera rope or chain used to fasten something to a fixed object
unisiona sounding together;agreement of accord
vieto complete; to strive for victory
willfulstubbornly self-willed;done on purpose,deliberate


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